My brother got rear-ended by somebody while he was working but he says he's fine. It's hard to wink over the phone, but I tried, and told him don't sue anybody, because the free money you would get wouldn't have your sweat all over it. And what a disappointment is that? Free money: the big lie. I'm sure my conscience would just annihilate me with sorrow if I sued somebody for driving like a jackass. In a world with waning (legal) options as far as revenge is concerned, suing schmucks is more attractive than ever.

Today I picked up the illustrious Mr. Newman and we went to hidden beach, where the only naked babes were actual babes. It's a reproductive bunch that hides at hidden beach these days. All the naked frolicking about four years ago paid its dividends.

Watch school coming up on the end of the term is a monster. We've got to at least get to a good stopping-place by the end of tomorrow. No watches will be finished, but given that we had so little preparation and have all done so well, it's better than your average, everyday achievement. Or maybe it's just another version of your average everyday achievement. Dang ye, interminably insidious solipsism! We just learned how to mill yesterday, and by the end of the day today I had an idea of what not to do. Lot of good that does you when you've already taken metal off. That was sarcasm. I enjoy it in small measures, especially in reference to itself, i.e.: "Yeah, I'm really sure you're more sarcastic than me." That just doesn't seem to get old. I think it's because not enough people do it so it doesn't have a chance to spoil.

The wedding is around the corner. If you click above celebrity oven mitt (where it says time remaining until my wedding) a pop-up should happen with a countdown to the end of my life as I know it, and the beginning of my life as I don't know it. Marital life should be good, unless it isn't, and either way there's no sense in worrying about it.


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