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Last night I saw a billboard for a radio station that said "intelligent radio", 1280 AM. I looked it up, and it's a right-wing station called .
Want to actively love America right now at your computer? You can listen live on the internet at this page.

I turned it on and so far it's just some lady doing a show about men hugging other men, doing a tongue-in-cheek show about how lame it is. People keep calling in about how they do it at AA or with their church group, and it's expanding her mind, she sarcastically annnounces. She had apparently expected people to call up and agree with her that "the man-hug", as they are referring to it, is gay and lame. (Talk about homosexualizing an otherwise normal experience; this is a great example of the fear of gayness that, I expect, typifies the average right wing imagination. Hear enough of this "this is what it is to be a man, this and nothing else, my friends", and you might start to believe it.) The whole show is getting old so I'm turning it off. Not the intelligence I was promised, but I hold out hope.

You see, I'm considering a temporary immersion in the right-wing mediascape. All day I would listen to Rush Limbaugh and Michael Savage on the radio, and then I could watch fox news at night before bed. My coming week is the perfect opportunity, before the wedding and before the honeymoon.

Has anybody ever wondered what it'd be like to do that? The right-wingosphere is clearly a rewarding virtual space; my own father is the perfect example of someone for whom right-wing radio is a (indispensable?) part of daily life, and in a way, if I don't do this, I'm missing the party. I want to know what they talk about there, what it is that diverts their attention from the outrageous foolish war with no end in sight. I fully expect the right wing to be like another dimension, a parallel universe where it's the liberals who are a bunch of idiots, and where those sissy, pussy, faggot-ass liberals are the ones who are changing the subject away from the real issue --the destruction of the moral fiber of America-- by whining about the war all the time. I expect that the liberals will be cast as people who don't deserve the freedoms that they are endowed with, the right to free speech being hard-fought and won by true patriots, not by loser-ass college boy jew liberals (and so on).

What's going to be impossible is to keep track of it all. There's going to be such bandwidth coming in that I won't be able to keep up with it. Typing these words, both as a result of my ability to articulate a thought, and the speed with which I can type, are far more limited than what will be coming in. Also, radio is fleeting. You hear it, and it's gone. There's no replay feature, no citations, just a melange of feelings that culminates somewhere in righteousness valley, population no damn liberals. This advantage can't be overstated. I am confident that I can keep up with and understand the rhetoric that I am going to be hearing, but I won't be able to chronicle it as fast as it shoots out the faucet of talking heads. I will probably have to point to a lot of right wing websites like Rush, Savage, Hannity, and LGF, to name a few, for citations, if I can find them. I plan to embark on this journey in the next day or two, to see how loving America goes down on the receiving end of the right wing noise machine. Who knows, maybe me and my dad can even man-hug after it's all over.


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