The greatest mistake you can make in life is to be continually fearing you will make one.
- Elbert Hubbard

Ok, so much happened and I'd like to tell you about it but can't, that something's got to give. I could sit here for two straight days and still miss a good deal. I'll break it down tiny-like, miss a lot of details, and then move on.

J and I went to Vegas, where we honeymooned our asses off. We stayed at the MGM and shut off the ringer. There was lots of sitting by the pool with and without daquiris, et cetera. We both played a good amount of blackjack, and I, a little roulette, which I did surprisingly well at, and decided to quit while I was ahead. We played people's money they gave us, which had their names on it, which didn't go well. Slots are kind of a drag if you ask me.

We ate a lot of great food. The buffet at the MGM was smashing.

Our second morning there when J checked her messages there was one from my father, urging us to reply immediately. We looked at each other and suspected someone had died, which it turns out they had. My step-sister, who had been such fun at the wedding and in general, had passed away of unknown causes in her sleep, and we buried her Saturday afternoon. We saw all the family we had just seen at the wedding and then some.

It was a long trip, especially considering that in Vegas you have to walk ten miles a day. We finally made it home last night and it's really good to be here. I've had enough airports to last me the rest of the year. I know how three barbecue places in Nashville and Memphis stack up, and that the soap in Memphis is the color of too-much-vitamins-urine, and smells cheap.

We slept ten hours. J slept eleven.

Now there's a new problem, which is that box elder beetles have decided they love the giant tree outside the house. So there are these little harmless bugs absolutely all over the place.

This week we've got some detail work to do what with getting J's name changed and I'm housesitting.

My seven day a week grind resumes Friday.


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