wow, again - With Rita strengthening, Galveston orders evacuation - Sep 20, 2005

According to NOAA, by Friday morning, Texas is going to be under heavy weather.

It adds up to good publicity for a study done at Georgia Tech, that says the number of storms that reach Category Four and Five has nearly doubled over the past 35 years.

Sadly, most Americans aren't going to believe the earth is warming up until their preacher or right wing radio host tells them.

On the anti-religious front, after a much-needed break, I just finished things up with, and have washed my hands of, this guy Todd, who isn't as bright as the pixels it takes to illuminate his emails. His level of commitment to reality suggests he needs a feeding tube more than he needs someone to ask him how it is he justifies his belief in the bible, and since I provide only the latter of these services, I'm finished. Pop pop fizz fizz, oh what a relief it is. Nice emailing you, Todd. Your sunny disposition was eventually backlit by your inability to carry on like a person who wants to be taken seriously, and revealed, to me, at least, your ghostly pallor. Although no one can save you from your obstinate reluctance to speak the language of reality, this story has a happy ending nevertheless. There are people who can pick up where I left off, people who can help you.


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