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Leahy had asked Bradbury about what the Department of Justice had advised the President, and how certain decisions regarding Guantanamo Bay had been made...
LEAHY: Was the president right or wrong?

BRADBURY: -- the president is always right, Senator.

Awesome: National Association of Staredown Professionals

A Right-Wing Guide to Summer Blockbusters:

More righteousness:
Ten Ways to Break the Stronghold of Pornography
Pussies. They ought to go all the way and mandate burqas to cover every inch of womens' bodies. Say what you want about Shari'a, at least those crazy bastards walk the walk.

If you prefer your women visible,
check out The women of Linux, potentially not safe for work.

How to avoid mid-life stagnation and such:
Don't Be Like Uncle Rico

30 questions to elevate your awareness (and literacy) of the greater place in which you live


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