I know I've probably never had anything positive to say about the unelected man who occupies the offices of the president, but he's on a roll -- even for him. Bush has been embarassing himself faster than anyone can keep up with out in Saint Petersburg. His president-like shadow is backlit on the world stage: away from controlled environments he looks less like a statesman than the cricket who sings "the world owes me a living".

It's like a greatest hits of obnoxiousness and stupidity, only you don't have to wait very long in between.

In the last few days alone he's groped the German Chancellor: Presidential Groping
Chewed with his mouth open and said penetrating, incisive things about Syria: Monkeyboy humiliates entire nation
Made more ignorant mouth noises about the bloodbath in Lebanon, instead opting to talk about carving a pig: Bush and the Pig
and been slammed by Putin, who replied to one of his typical Atticisms:

We certainly would not want to have same kind of democracy as they have in Iraq, quite honestly.

Bush is every inch the splendid statesman, whose ravishing intellect overpowers people of all nations, and whose heart-thrilling polish, well... swoon. Such perspicuity, such erudition and sophistication. What a guy.


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