it's the goddamn liberals, that's who

In a transparent plot to undermine consumer confidence, the tax-and-spend, flip-flopping, trying-to-have-it-all-three-ways liberals are up to still more of their dirty tricks of pawky election-time political scheming, this time sinking to an all-time low and manipulating the housing market in order to cast the republican congress and the Bush administration as the failures they most definitely are NOT. The slumping housing market has the fingerprints of the lying, degenerate left all over it, and this time it's affecting all of us.

My friends, behind every loss in a home's vaule stands the same power which is responsible for this loss; behind these harmless insignificant fellow-countrymen who were instigated and incited to crime stands the hate-filled power of our liberal foe, a foe to whom we had done no harm, but who none the less sought to subjugate our patriotic people and make of it its slave - the foe who is responsible for all the misfortune that fell upon us in 2001, and for all the misfortune which plagued freedom in the years that followed. Liberalism has attacked the foundations of our whole human order, alike in State and society, the foundations of our conception of civilization, of our faith and of our morals: all alike are at stake.

Your life's work must not be ground into dust under the birkenstocks of the godless liberal traitors. My friends, sharpen the knives that will cut liberal flesh and bone!

BBC news:
Housing slump batters US economy


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