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Again morning finds me in the thrall of the cycles, oh the glorious cycles. There's not that much worth finding today but that's what I do, so here you go anyway, just as if there was.

(By the way, MN rollergirls in Saturday. I have other plans because everything that happens in this city has to happen on the same night as everything else, but I'm trying to see what kind of moves I can make.)

Now that our electorate has finally woken from its stupor, we should ask ourselves why it took six years to recognize the incompetence and demagogy of this administration and the responsibility of the Republican leadership that blindly followed its lead.

The damage done is enormous, in Iraq, in the United States and around the world. Years have been squandered while the critical issues of our time have gone unattended.

How and why were we fooled?

We have a fascination with personalities instead of policy, a desire to be entertained rather than enlightened, and a need to have an enemy to define us and give our lives meaning.

Thankfully, our democracy is still functioning, though we will not see really meaningful progress until we can disconnect the electoral and legislative processes from the flow of corporate cash.

Let’s not forget that the Senate voted to give President Bush authority to start a war in Iraq. Our euphoria should be short-lived, and our vigilance should be redoubled.

- letter to the NYT

nsfw: a body painting calendar for 2007


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