happy turkey day

It's that time of year when we celebrate the things we're thankful for. Here are some of mine:

-- I'm not sicker than I am, and that my wife, who (I'm pretty sure) gave me this disease, is feeling better.
-- The desk where I sit as I write this is about ten steps from the bathroom, just in case I explode.
-- Since I had to cancel my thanksgiving dinner plans due to the possibility of contagion, I live in a good enough neighborhood that I can walk to a sandwich place if I am hungry later. Which I hope to be.
-- I care whether other people get sick.
-- I'm not in Guantanamo bay.
-- I don't know anyone with cancer that I know of. And if you've got cancer and I forgot, sorry about that.
-- Of the many people I see each day on the street, none have mugged or robbed me.
-- The black guy on the phone commercial who goes around some city asking strangers if they like Fergie and might want to listen to her on his cell phone is so extremely lame that he can only exist on television.
-- I'm not in Iraq.
-- I can put a glock together without instructions.
-- It looks like I might pass the WOSTEP exam next month. Not to get my expectations too high.
-- The timeless appeal of the booty dance.


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