It's news stuff:
Mark Ames predicts the US election outcome

Bush apparently isn't welcome in a lot of the country and doesn't need the bad publicity that would result from his visiting as he tours mulligan districts.

It's funny:
Why do all these homosexuals keep sucking my cock?

"You'll find yourself right on some things and wrong on some other things. But, please, in the process, don't be arrogant."

-Ted Haggard

glib mefi user:

Welcome to hell, Ted. This one's real.

More of spiritual quackery's terrestrial reward:
That dishonest weasel who ran the christian dinosaur museum has been convicted of tax fraud.

Slacktivist deserves a little credit for connecting some dots about Haggard way back in May of '05: gay sex demons!

It's a naked woman in a car:
not safe for work

It's a parting thought:
When Jesus returns as a gay, black, homeless man with AIDS, these fundamentalists will be the first to hammer in those nails.


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