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These assholes at flickr are pissing me off.

I have a collection of photos I've dredged from my many hours spent seeing things on the internet, and I put them on flickr, because flickr is easy to use. Sometimes simps rage on me for doing this, and I'm sick of their shit. Just because they pay to use the service doesn't make them real photographers any more than testosterone injections make girls into boys, so they take out their animosities on people who have a different concept of the utility of the service than they do.

I've thrown down the gauntlet this morning because I care more about the ability to do something than covering my ass; if someone decides my flickr collection violates some EULA and deletes my account it beats me having to put up with threats from idiots. Nothing is worth that, not a photo collection, nothing. I've already been through far too much over this flickr nonsense.

In case my account winds up gone as a result I memorialize how it went down at this page (a link obviously that may quit functioning at any time).

*Shakti* Pro User says:

gorgeous. love the angle...great tones.
i just looked at your photos and i am guessing this image wasn't taken by you. not sure if you are aware of it but posting photos you don't own is copyright infringement and can get you deleted from flickr.
please let me know if you took this or not. if you didn't, you should remove it.

I reply.

Let you know. I like how your priority is how you feel about things. I'll let you know something all right. What ought to be removed is your attitude.

No, dummy, I didn't take this picture, just like I didn't take most of the other ones in my account. Obviously it's a collection of photos I found on the internet. That's what photography is for, so that people can see what I see.

Shit for brains.

If you're gonna piss and moan and tattletale so that people can't do that, if the alternative to getting shit from stupid people like yourself is not to have a flickr account, then I don't want one, so you'd better get used to a world where people like you become poorer for your arrogance. You want to deprive the rest of the world because something you saw and liked turned out not to be photographed by the person whose flickr page it is, fuck you. Fuck you for being so self-centered and closed-minded. I don't have to justify my modest little photo collection to some asshole with no concept of value.

So if your choice is to apologize to me or screech to some sysadmin, now you know how I feel about it.

And for the record, people like you make me sick.


At Wednesday, November 01, 2006, Anonymous robinkisser said...

Why don't you make it private so that talentless prisses can't get to it?

At Wednesday, November 01, 2006, Blogger dale said...

I did not know about that. I'll look into it.


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