ok, seriously

What. Is the deal. With Fox news.

Dick Cheney famously requires that his hotel rooms come with the TV pre-tuned to Fox news, and this republican senate campaigner in Tennessee publicizes that he watches it on his tour bus. What does this mean? It's code language for something, but what? I do not understand this facet of the fox news phenomenon, and it bothers me.

Fox news is the most slanted, dishonest channel it is possible to watch, and it's criminal that they're allowed to call themselves news at all, so that anyone would be proud of watching it is like being proud of watching larry the cable guy -- it makes no sense. Vote for me 'cause I hate liberocommunofascist-blame-america-first-flippity-floppity-soft on terror godless traitors, git 'r done! Why?!

Does it boil down to a tribal thing? Who's in the tribe? What do they believe that puts them there? Do you have to be "in" to understand? Are there really functioning, literate people that think watching a certain channel makes them good?

I am totally unable to imagine a mental framework in which this makes sense! And in the words of all my ex-girlfriends, "I'm not fuckin' stupid!"

boldface mine, because I'm indicating the value of the words:
If campaigns reflect their candidate, the final days bring the distinctions into sharp relief. Mr. Corker, 54, a white construction entrepreneur and former mayor of Chattanooga, projects ease and satisfaction. He slept seven hours the other night and said he felt just great, although his eyes were red. Aboard his customized “Corker Country” bus (with plush couches and the television tuned to Fox News), he hits several small towns and cities a day, keeping to his schedule with precision.

the story: Star Power to Blood Sport, Tennessee Senate Race Has It


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