fun facts about Don Cheadle, some of which are false

- appeared in a video for Angela Winbush's #2 hit single "It's The Real Thing"
- appeared on "E.R."
- appeared on the Mary Celeste
- did the worst British accent (other than Keanu Reeves in Dracula) ever in a major motion picture in that stupid movie Ocean's whatever it was
- could fool people into thinking he liked them because he's such a good actor, which is the main reason he and I never hang out
- was a stand-up comic
- can fuck your ass up at Jenga
- likes to get his money's worth
- is really named Dan Cheadle but never got jobs as such; people hate the name Dan.
- can walk, cry, and shit on command
- spits tobacco juice in the playpen at Burger King
- has crab lice but just thinks it's funny


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