Since the beginning, the attempts to popularize new watch technology have been characterized by their mind-paralyzingly thick strata of shameless hyperbole. None of the original shmack-talking is in English, but the latest is. Here's the most obnoxious thing I hope to see today. Tag Heuer's newish watch has a video that you would think explains how it works. Not so.

The intended reaction:
Ooh! Quotes by SMART people! A FLY-by INSIDE the watch! I don't know what I just saw but it's COOL and man do I WANT it!

The real reaction:
That was so content-free I can't bring myself to think about this watch any more. Is there any Kant lying around?


At Friday, December 01, 2006, Anonymous hank. said...

that drive belt transmission thing looks a little silly.

but according to those smart people, i'm going to be wrong in about 104 years.

boy will i be embarassed!


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