not great!

1) Fox News airs an infomercial for torture.
2) Federal semantics eliminates the hunger problem.
3) Defending the First Amendment by proposing that we scrap it.
4) Halliburton contracts to build large detention camps in the US.
5) The Inexorable Worldwide Rollout of RFID Chips.
6) After years of characterizing US policy in Iraq as "Stay the course," on October 23rd, the Bush administration not only drops the phrase, but denies it ever existed.
7) Guilty Until Proven Innocent: Carrying Cash is a Crime.
8) The Automated Targeting System.
9) NSA Warrantless Surveillance and Crypto-City.
10) Missing

Not like you want them, but you can get the details on these and more at WFMU's Top Ten Orwellian Moments of 2006


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