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I occasionally remember I have a google analytics account, and sometimes I toss it up in the air and catch it again, to see who's looking for what when they come to old blogeroo.

I get a lot of requests from Iowa for a certain individual I exposed for being a total freak. I'm guessing he's living just north of Des Moines.

But I also get people looking for stuff I feel I should be providing, like "What's on the final WOSTEP exam", a query I got the other day from London.

Here's what it is, mate. A theory portion, about twenty questions long involving escapements and general nomenclature, calculations of vibration rates, mainspring turns, and gear ratios. Then there's a practical exam, which lasts for sixteen hours, during which you're supposed to get done a quartz watch, an automatic calendar, and a chronograph. We're using the ETA 955, the ETA 2824 (we almost got stuck with the 2892), and the Lemania 1873. It's harder than the 7750 we used in the AWCI CW exam, the other two watches are the same. The WOSTEP watches were more thoroughly and cunningly misadjusted by Martin Peters (sp?), but they were a little cleaner. (AWCI never saw a metal shaving they didn't think would look great mixed with oil and thrown in your watch.)

The adjustments done to the Lemania were these:
both eccentrics for the coupling clutch
the eccentric on the switch
the minute counter finger
the exit pallet stone, moved out
the guard pin
the regulating pins
bent third wheel
moved pallet jewel, upper
moved chronograph runner jewel
and if I'm unlucky, something else I've never seen and didn't check for, which I don't think happened.

Now I've got to go finish this test off.


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