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Last night I got to meet some people who read this blog from down in Missouri, and it turns out the woman, the mother and wife, my cousin-in-law, has been an anonymous commenter here. I am 99.44 per cent sure this is the same person who I told recently after they anonymously made an unfriendly comment that "My ass and your lips should meet."

Who hasn't seen that scenario played out a million times?

Today as we drove the back roads home from the kind of awkwardness only beer and a cooperative, optimistic spirit can make right again, the redhead and I saw a bald eagle. It was flying right next to the car; those things are enormous. I think it winked at me!

Why wouldn't it? What are you, some kind of eagle-wink knower?

A few miles later I saw five chickens that had gotten loose and were digging for food next to a farm. I guess technically they're every bit as American, but I couldn't help but think those chickens looked pretty unpatriotic by comparison.

Man, fuck those chickens.


At Friday, December 29, 2006, Anonymous hank. said...

wait, i don't understand your relationship to this mystery person or how you ran into them.

also, did the eagle soar like in Ashcroft's song? i hope so.

At Saturday, December 30, 2006, Blogger dale said...

I can't possibly disambiguate this without revealing relationships and getting deep into the weedy morass of family politics, so lemme see... nah. It will have to suffice to say that I've got a bulls-eye painted on me and my struggles with anonymous commenters will doubtless grind softly on.

The eagle cried one tear and that tear had a little American flag inside it, and within the stars on that flag were John Ashcroft. But yeah, it soared.

At Saturday, December 30, 2006, Blogger Is there real life in KC? said...

Thngs I learned this week..... I've learned that I need a watch, where to get that watch and who will fix that watch for me. I learned that after spending 5 hours with someone I thought was a baffoon......I was wrong. Now we will give him a 20 second head start. And last but not least.....I was reminded that family is everything and you should take the time to appreciate all you have. We love you guys!

At Friday, January 19, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...


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