they revise, you forget. fair and balanced.

Michael Ledeen, a Freedom Scholar at the American Enterprise Institute and a contributing editor to National Review
Charles Krauthammer, Washington Post columnist and frequent Fox News mouth
Paul Mirgenoff, Powerline blog
Peggy Noonan, Wall Street Journal columnist

Ever since the U.S. invaded, those who pointed out that we were achieving little more than mass death, destruction of American credibility, conversions of moderate Muslims into extremists, and a serious weakening of our military were vilified as America-hating terrorist allies who wanted us to lose. Those who simply pointed out that the war effort wasn’t going according to promise were derided as cut-and-run “defeatocrats” who lacked the intestinal fortitude to fight...

All of these self-proclaimed super-patriots who spent the last three years shrieking that anyone who criticizes the war is a friend of the terrorists are now being forced to admit that the war is unwinnable. But rather than acknowledging their reversal, they seek to erase the public record...

Selective Amnesia: The American Conservative


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