Thing # 1: Anti-American Anti-Albanian Anti-Muslim Pro-Serbian Hate Rap. The only words I could make out are "Kosovo is Serbia!", something about America needing to stop, and then a Serb pissing on an American flag.

Thing # 2: The Russian SCUBA divers versus the American Dolphins
The US Military uses dolphins for various combat purposes. They don't talk about it much, but they have a website:

Well, the Russian Special Forces have combat divers, who swim around, shoot people, and blow shit up. While reading about them I came across the following passage:
"It is known, that two underwater saboteurs were lost at mining cargo ship of USA in a bay [ in Vietnam ]. They were killed [by] performing dolphins, which protected a bay. After that the employees of [Russian Special Forces] began to train in struggle against dolphins."
(found here:
and it is also mentioned here:
See Anti-frogman_techniques#Trained animals for an incident when Russian frogmen killed some trained anti-frogman dolphins in an incident off Nicaragua.
Or in a wikipedia article here:
Maybe this is fake, but the idea of American dolphins fighting Russians underwater is the craziest shit I've read about in a while.

Thing #3: The Iraqi Death Cult: We know Iraq is pretty fucked up, but just how fucked came to light yesterday, when 200 members of the Soldiers of Heaven cult in Iraq were killed shooting it out with coalition forces. They weren't Sunni. They weren't Shiite. They were members of a cult started by a guy who claimed to be the Muslim equivilant of the Messiah. Think David Koresh. Think Jim Jones. His cult was targeting Shiites, and generally starting shit with whoever. The most amazing thing to me is that I found this on Al Jazeera, and never heard it on the news. A full on "drink the Kool Aid" cult in the middle of a war.



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