Top questions of 2006

Is blood important??

Can I get pregnant from phone sex?

How do I containerize farts?

My boyfriends penis emits screeching noises, is this normal???

Is there a way to trap a woman's soul in a jar and then hold it for a ransom of sex????

Approximately where is the vagina, anyway?

How do I get my cat to mate with my dog?

Is dumping a girl over the operating system she uses acceptable? Windows ME? Come on!

is that old adage "you are what you eat" true??? because i just ate a hamburger and i do not want be a hamburger.

Accidentally shot gf with potato cannon. Best way to say I'm sorry?

I get hairy on full moons am I... a werewolf? (I am also hairy other times of the month).

Best type of razor if you are a werewolf and want to shave your junk (for your girlfriend)?

are there ways i can get girls pregnant without having sex with them? answer quick!!

How do I erase a girl's memory?

Where can I get a fanny pack emblazed with stirring images of wolves?

how do i convince my girlfriend to let me donkey punch her???

do gay dudes high five each other during gay sex? (need to know asap)

Operating an unauthorized Red Lobster franchise out of my garage, need advice.

my bro says u ain't a man til you get the clap

how do i get rid of the clap?

How do I prove to my friend my Asperger's is more severe than his "Asperger's"?

Is it O.K. to keep my child home on days when the school teaches the Satanic conspiracy of evolution?

How do I communicate with females without ever having to talk to them?

Did the Rapture just happen just now?

How can I teach my dog to talk like a parrot?

My bro's best dawg is an astronaut, he says you can't get boners in space?

What would happen if you ghost rode a whip through an ancient Indian burial ground?

When can I find the theme song to ALF in ring tone form?

Where might I download college essays on ethics?

Why don't dogs like wearing pants?

How do I convince that girl in the Welch's Grape Juice ads to come home with me tonight?

In the market for a refurbished real doll. Best sources?

Tell me how to get in on the growing urban trend of street falconry.

Should I spit my tobacco before performing oral?

What happens if I hook an e-meter to my ballsack? I don't want to pass on any thetans to my wife.

/something awful


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