ah, me

It's morning again. Me and morning go together like pigs and breakfast sausage. I just fit right in there. As I wait for the coffee maker to pour forth its golden bounty, I look out the window, as the old stories say, to see what I can see.

My view is of a hotel, palm trees, pine trees, and like everyone else, cars. I live at a condo development that stopped selling about halfway through a real estate boom. Some of it is owned, some of it is rented, and some of it sits empty. My area is all renters, I think. This is the area where people keep a change of clothes in their cars, whose license plates are all from somewhere else. This is the end of the block where loud arguments occur and where obnoxious twelve-year olds knock on doors and run away. My people.

Check this out:

Food for thought: the United States used to be a country where people were proud of how small the military was.


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