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It's a great day to listen to christian comedy! The audio file from here is a Vancouveriffic podcast called Generation Exploitation, which is extremely good, and can be found here.

Maybe you'd rather read about why the press is reluctant to challenge authority at times when the country most needs a vigorous, questioning fourth estate. You know, like Fox News and Sean Hannity.

And, as if to emphatically answer the question "How best to annihilate all physical beauty and nullify desire as totally as possible,", it's a repost of the modest swimsuit makin' prudes at Wholesomewear!

not that this is the best example of physical beauty, but work with me.

I owe you some good nekkid titty now.
Here's this one, sort of:

/thanks drive by truckers for keeping our workers safe from their own thoughtcrime.


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