want, want, want

I want a samoas cupcake, after the great girl scout cookie, which I love. (Am I wrong to want a little girl to make girl scout cookies herself? For authenticity's sake?)

Bush wants a commission to investigate the Walter Reed hospital. So its recommendations can be ignored, just like the nine eleven commission.

"Scooter" Libby wants to go back in time and not be such good buddies with the goldbrickin' country ruiners.

I want to laugh as Mark Levin, right wing noisemaker, friend of Hannity and enemy of the country, weeps into his tear-stained Ronald Reagan pillowcase.

You want to be at Twins spring training earlier today. First real bratwurst I've had since we've been here. No Summit beer, though. Seventy-one degrees. It was so nice my misery index (cumulative) dropped five and a half points.


At Thursday, March 08, 2007, Blogger hank. said...

If you just wanted that Summit, and got it, all the other wants would be washed away.


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