ass over teakettle

I cobbled this story together from bits and pieces told by several different people. No one wanted to recount the entire event.

Last night a guy who's here for training got drunk before even getting to the restaurant. At one point during the meal he rose from his chair, lost his balance, and fell backward over his chair. He crashed into some other diners at this fine establishment and was belligerent and foolish in the way one might expect from someone who has no idea how to act.

It's bad being drunk and it's bad falling over while you're drunk, but it's got to be extra bad to be drunk and fall over in front of one of the head guys at the company, who today referred to the dinner as "a strange night" and left it at that. Who knows what kind of twisted depravity came out of drinky's mouth before and after the tumble? I bet it was a strange night indeed. How does one try and fail to recover from a spill like that? You miss one dinner and it has to be this one...

He didn't make it to dinner tonight and I doubt we'll have a repeat performance tomorrow with the president, but you just never know.

Why would I enjoy the failings of another? One, it gives me the chance to lay low and look good. Two, this guy never has never missed and often created opportunities to mention that in his sloppy manner of speech, he is "asecongenerationwatchmaker", and who stupidly flaunts his hand-me-down prestige in another way that would require me to name him, which is a step farther than I want to go. His father is actually good and doesn't deserve to be dragged into it.

Al K. Holic wouldn't have had a yard sale in the floor if he'd known the world would be watching and I'm nothing if not fair and inconsistent, so I don't want to nme him by his first name either. As far as I know he's never done anything to offend posterity, so I won't be the one put them at odds.

All in all things are going well. I took the night off last night and missed the social disaster of the year because I wanted to do something familiar, and the only thing that really means is time with the redhead. I talked to her on the phone for an hour and watched a tv show, because we like that show and it's free minutes after seven. We watched house, which is normally great, and I think they made it shitty this week just so she and I could talk the whole time and not miss anything. Thanks, whoever, for screwing it up. Whether you're clowning around like a drunken rag doll or making a bad tv show, your mistakes make my day.


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