Dear Mr. Rove,

I know you're really sad that all your emails got deleted. Some might think it frighteningly totalitarian that they're just -poof- gone, but I'm just bummed out that now the world will never get the chance to see how honest and hardworking you really are. I thought you'd save them all just to prove your lack of complicity in various scandals, but please don't be too upset about it. Man, if we just had those emails we could show the world once and for all that those stupid LIBERALS in "congress" should shut the fuck up and stop crying about the looting I mean saving of the country, but we'll have to just use the same name-calling and intimidation tactics that characterized the beginning of your career, before you saw the light and moved stridently in its direction, whistling onward christian soldiers as you traversed the white house in search of countries to ruin I mean save and people to murder I mean liberate.

There's a reason you rose to the top, Mr. Rove, and a reason you belong there today, which we will never be able to truly appreciate because your emails got deleted. God bless.


At Saturday, April 14, 2007, Blogger hank. said...

sorry for not knowing where to post this, but your score on Monkey Kickoff is pretty tough to beat.

At Saturday, April 14, 2007, Blogger hank. said...

update: 4386 monkey meters.

At Sunday, April 15, 2007, Blogger dale said...

i'm going to enable comments over there.


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