So there I was, just enjoying my coffee, thinking about what fun is and how it is best had, and debating whether what I had to say about it would be at all worthwhile. I tilted my head slightly to the right, squinted because that makes me think better, and nodded. Yes, my head moved up and down, because for better or worse, the decision had been made. I have value to add on the subject of fun.

How was that opening paragraph? As gripping and sensational as velcro on your pubic hair? Of course it was. And to think I provide this service for free. Now accepting applications for copy editor. Payment in tough love. I hope a bird craps into your sun roof. See? I can do that all day, baby.

I was reading a post at WFMU about a record entitled "We're Diabetic So What!" that someone found, and it caused me to think about ironic mockery. Rewarding as it may be to dig through the particle board shit bin at the thrift store and find yesteryear's lamest vinyl, it's probably much more fun to make that vinyl. For all we know, there are a few very interesting people planting it there to be ironically mocked, like a Tlön, Uqbar, Orbis Tertius land mine, and the first person to make it to the blogosphere wins. That's the only way I can come up with to make the event of mockery actually interesting. The entrapment of surly hipsters is a good cause.

Exhibit B in my deconstruction of mockery is a video of a guy having a good time and trying to sell furniture in Gadsden or someplace. Oh, it's Flea Market Montgomery, a video worthy of some kind of hall of fame, ensconced in alabaster alongside Bubb Rubb, Little Sis, and Jen Terri. My brother explained Flea Market this way: "In the south people do whatever the fuck they want", a sentence whose tone and cadence is worthy of Conrad, and whose timely verity rivals Morford.

So, is it more fun to create things and events that other people mock, or to mock the things other people do? Nothing against WFMU, but once mockery becomes that reflexive, that tiresome and routine, I come down on the side of the diabetics, just for the sake of not boring myself to death.


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