It's 79 and sunny. Nice to be back in the sunshine state. I managed to get on an earlier flight out of Kennedy yesterday and beat my scheduled time home by eight or nine hours. Awesome, especially since the later flights were delayed and delayed and delayed.

Breitling was first-class all the way. It's a work hard, play hard bunch up there in Wilton. We worked on a few movements and cases, hit a few points of theory, had our work evaluated, and got to talk to the employees and so on. If I were the trainer I wouldn't do anything different. It was nice at the end to see how the polishing works. We went through a 988, a 251, a 2896, and a 7754. A 7754 is what makes a watch work that looks like this.

When things are educational that's normal, because in life there is a lot to learn. When things are very educational, there was more to learn than you thought. When something is extremely educational, you were in over your head and you're lucky to be able to fight and/or fake your way through. This was educational, but if I weren't fresh out of school, we could easily have been in the realm of very. I learned a new way to observe hairsprings, how to properly set up the giant date wheels on a 2896:

and many other things. Quotable endorsement: because of Breitling I learned how to do a better job easier, and that's as good as information gets.

They fed us terrifically too. Twice, the places we had lunch or dinner had "as seen on the food network" on the menu, and they were both good and so were all the others. In the case of Bobby Q's in Westport, it was fantastic. I had the ribs and shrimp and tried the barbecue sauces, which were excellent. One of them was heavy on the black pepper, and it was a perfect ten.

Believe it or not, there are places even better than those seen on television. The last night we were in town they took us out to la bonne nuit, whose coq au vin exceeded all but maybe five dishes of my lifetime. The memory of over-eating on Monday night was still fresh enough to keep me away from the creme brulee, so I had a port. They couldn't find the one I ordered, so they substituted a forty year old instead, which surpassed all expectations. Everyone had a good time and drank a lot of wine. I would be delinquent in my duty as a reporter to neglect mentioning the roads leading back to Wilton from New Canaan are fun in an Audi well above the speed limit.

But it's good to be back, too. It's now 81 and sunny and the time's come to go read by the pool.


At Saturday, April 28, 2007, Blogger hank. said...

Yeah that's something odd about Food Network, is that they try to make food more approachable. Therefore, many of their shows don't go into really detailed, extravagant, awesome dishes. Not to say they're not good, they're just not what the pros do at some of these restaurants. I saw a show, I think it was Simply Ming, where the host doesn't try to dumb things down. It's hard to follow and he uses some terms I haven't even heard of. But his food is that really complex stuff like you were talking about.

At Saturday, April 28, 2007, Blogger hank. said...

and just so you know, i am starving and you are making me wish i were a watchmaker.


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