Ok, the soul church posting below. It takes me a day sometimes to think of what it is that I want to say. Usually I don't wait the day and what you get what comprises this blog. Anyway, what occurs to me is that I just have no patience at all for what necessarily "passes" when religion does, and that's another reason why not only do I not believe in god, but I enjoy telling people about it. Would you like the opportunity to feel deeply empty and pained, seeing what stupid people have to let slide in order to believe that there's such a thing as magic and that some people can help other people be nearer to its source? Consult these youtube results for televangelist. If there's not something here to make you sick, you're on handfuls of expensive medications. I'm not posting any video from that search or ripping any clips out of last year's film "Jesus Camp". Religion sickens me like it's made of chemotherapy, and I hate it like the poison it is.

Changing gears.

Here's something great, something truly, really, sensationally great. Teezar was the name of one of the most important bands of the late twentieth century. Were they any good? You be the judge, especially after listening to "Rokkin Queen" and "Givver of Rokk". In the process I discovered a good blog, on which Teezar's legacy resides. You should read this and listen to some of it. Last days of man on earth explores Teezar.


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