game time?

An unnamed senior administration official summarized Cheney's message to troops in Iraq: "We've got to pull together. We've got to get this work done. It's game time."

I can barely bring myself to point out something so obvious but in blog-land we make sacrifices: it's game time all the time when you're a dishonorable, draft dodging, war profiteer piece of dog shit like Dick Cheney. Country is a game, politics is a game, making money is a game, pissing away the lives of people braver and dumber than you is a game. Dick Cheney and the entire administration are worthless and their necks should be snapped by Jean-Claude Vanne Damme, because his name is French and it would be hilarious to watch them get beaten to death for their crimes against my country. And look at how dramatic he can make it look!


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