The glib Gin and Tacos points us to the Nelson report (which is timing out on me), which apparently has it that GW's old texas cowpokes hardly recognize their old buddyroo, so he's going to bomb Iran, or something like that. I just wanted you to look at G&T, really.

As I was going to sleep last night I had a memorable thought. Normally I forget those thoughts and wake up thinking they were really good, then on the rare occasion I remember them, they were something like "If we could only find a way to make cotton candy with vitamins everybody would be a winner!" Last night my final thought was less silly then that. It was this: if any candidate for president said that if elected they'd lock Rove and Bush and Cheney and the goddamn young republicans they appointed to positions of power across the country, like in NASA, the NSA, etc. up and throw away the key, I would quit my job and devote my life to campaigning for them. And when I woke up, I still thought that sounded like a good idea.

Tis Thusday, the day I work late. So if you want to steal stuff from my apartment don't try it right now when I'm normally at work. I'm here and will catch you. You wouldn't find much sellable stuff. We don't have a giant tv. We have a computer that doesn't do anything, a laptop that does (feedreader downloads attachments automatically, score), a stamp collection, a letter opener collection, a support the troops magnet collection (I have to show you a picture of that sometime. It's great.), assorted watch tools that are useful once per year to someone like me and for other people never are, and my bobblehead collection, shot glass collection, and some broken stuff I can't bring myself to throw away.

Tonight at work in addition to the walk-ins I'll overhaul a ladies' rolex, a breitling, and hopefully I'll have time to clean an antique ladies' bulova. This thing's tiny. Heirloom watches work their way toward me like kidney stones, encountering resistance the whole way. It moves from a drawer to a counter, maybe to a different drawer, back to the counter, and eventually to get fixed. I give people business cards and tell them to put the card next to the watch.


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