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guest blogger: an old lady

Do not read this blog. It is filth and written by a degenerate. I forbid it, because it is unclean and immoral. This is not a nice blog!

Hey! I'm getting awful tired of telling you to stop it, young man! What do you think, you can just go around doing whatever you want? Well, you better not! I bet you're a sex pervert who has big piles of porno lying around hidden under your mattress, aren't you? With stains everywhere from your dirty business! Well if there's nothing wrong with it why you hiding it away then, mister smart guy? I ought to tell your mother!

If you don't quit reading this there'll be trouble, all right. I can tell you that! I'll call the police on you, you sex pervert! I've told you not to read this and yet you continue to defy me, like a little child! What, are you like a little child who didn't get his diaper changed and now all you can do is sit there crying like a poopy little demon? Stop reading this or I'll give you something to cry about, you can bet your poopy diaper on it! Your conscience must be like boogers and pee!

We've been through this enough. You are not a nice person and you have no respect for yourself or anyone else.


At Monday, July 02, 2007, Blogger hank. said...

whatever you old skank. you know what you can do? shut up.


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