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J.T.'s patriotic southwest Florida snow removal service will take care of all your snow removal needs! Our business has been built on three ideals:

One, terrorists hate our freedom and therefore our national anthem. That's why we play it constantly from our fleet of red, white, and blue snow removal trucks! It's like an ice cream truck of awesome Americanness!
Two, global warming is a LIE created by enviro-fascists and faggots who want to take away our freedom like the terrorists! That's why I've invested all my money in snow removal trucks that play the national anthem in southwest Florida! And I plan to do JUST FINE! No thanks to YOU, liberals! Ha!
Three, America is the best place to live! I haven't ever actually been OUT of America, but George W. Bush has, and looky who keeps coming back! And don't even get me started on the CLINTONS!

So when it snows in Southwest Florida remember J.T.'s snow removal service! And relax to the soothing sounds of the national anthem, while a red, white, and blue truck plows it all away like it's nothing! Hell, if I was snow I wouldn't want to fall here EITHER!


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