I woke up thinking about a kid I used to know who was trouble. He drank and lied and was basically a criminal, and this was elementary school. He was a little too self-assured to sympathize with, and I'm sure he had problems, but the guy was basically just a mean asshole and everybody knew he'd end up in the joint, even though we didn't know we knew it. Ask anybody from then and I'm sure they'll say the same thing; as you get older your vocabulary improves, and as it does so does your understanding of the world. They grow like a tree and a vine together I guess.

It's been something I've wanted to do, to get my first grade class and find out what happened to them, and make a documentary film of them, so we could all learn what happens to a slice of the people of the country. I know that this is a great idea and I hope someone will do it some time. There are so many things to do and no time.

So I put that guy's name into the Tennessee Inmate Locator and lo and behold he's in NWCX, which means Northwest Correctional Complex. Here's a map of where that is. If you don't want to click on it, I'll just tell you the address of this place is 960 State Route 212, and that the original name of State Route 212 is Negro Graveyard Road.

If you're going to wind up in a prison, I can't think of a better address for the place than Negro Graveyard Road. If I was there I'd make people use that as an address. State route my ass.


At Sunday, July 15, 2007, Anonymous robinkisser said...

I'm all for freedom of information and all that, but is it just me or are the governments of the US (plural cause this is a republic) a little too easygoing when it comes to violating people's privacy, and too hard when it comes to releasing shit that actually matters. Why should all of that information be public? And then the whitehouse/attorney general/anyone else in the executive branch can shred whatever they want.

I'm sure I told you about the fact that everyone, from Britta's grandmother to my father could see everything I did in door county. Why should they? Isn't that my business not anyone elses?

Given, you are just taking advantage of public information, I just don't think that should be. But who cares about criminals.

Unless they're part of the government.


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