Some of the time an item I want on ebay will be something someone else also wants. This isn't good, since I'm not made of money and I tend to lose in this instance. When I want something, several people, in fact, usually want it and then I can forget about that one and move on. Which reminds me, someone at Ebay has a badass curve of time left and bid amounts that I would love to see.

Once you know what's in a watch, which are my most frequently desired objects, it's easier to determine what you will and won't pay for something. For the rest of the things on ebay, though, it's hard to tell what something's worth. So there's this great little tool you can use to find out what the thing you're looking at sold for last time. To see what Atari 2600 stuff has been going for, click here.

It'll ask you to sign in and then you can change the search terms to whatever you are looking at. This will prevent you from an embarrassing overbid. Ta-da.

Sometimes when someone is bidding on something I want and I've given up on getting it, I push the bid higher just so that the other guy will have to spend more money. Since I only do this with three hours or more remaining, I have never been unsuccessful. I am a sad, petty little man.


At Monday, July 23, 2007, Anonymous hank. said...

eBay is the answer that makes all my questions disappear.


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