top 10 things i have learned about working on rolexes

1. after putting power on it and waiting for what would ordinarily be backlash, the driving wheel on the 1570 should turn anywhere from one to two and a half times to insure the appropriate amount of friction between the seconds pinion and the seconds pinion friction spring, after you lift the spring from the seconds pinion

2. barrel endshakes are a pain sometimes

3. don't use the knurled portion of the special tool when tightening part 5093 on the 3035, otherwise you'll have to replace part 5092, which will mean stripping the plate down completely and using ANOTHER special tool that is hard to get used to using

4. no amount of begging a reluctant watch is effective

5. off-center hairsprings can cost you a lot of amplitude, and binocular magnification is underrated

6. the 2235 is a piece of crap which i hate

7. the 3055 will work no matter what you do to it

8. in the 3135, you get a comparative lot of slop on the endshake of the incredibly well-designed balance

9. a watch can gain 40 degrees of amplitude after you let it run overnight

10. nothing beats the right tools and sometimes you have to bend hands slightly, so it pays to polish the back edge of your F tweezers


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