If you want to read about what's on TV and not have to watch it, that's why there's
television without pity

Things you have to do to get a conceal/carry permit in Florida:
Take/have already completed a gun safety class
Act like you won't pull a Travis Bickle
Get fingerprinted
Get something notarized
Pay money
Fill out forms

I'm not sure if I'm repeating myself, but 64squares is a great chess interface. I accidentally picked some of the site's best players to kick my butt, but that's how you get better. Chess is one of those things I've picked up and put down at least five times. It's the perfect hobby for me I guess.

Congrats to Braden for turning thirty and for me for being married two years, and my wife for the same. Congrats to my crazy neighbors for getting fired and having a no-compete that forces you to move to Madison, Wisconsin. And, congratulations to whoever wants to buy the apartment I live in which may force us to find a place we like a little more, even though it will mean moving. Moving is something I'm not sure I want to be good at or consider less of a pain. Aren't people supposed to stay in one place? They have to move a few times, I guess, but transience is for hobos. Speaking of hobo, great hobo audio post at WFMU.

If I was a praying person I'd pray for some pretty dumb stuff:
Let me win my item on ebay
Make it so I hit lots of green lights
Let the black man win on that show hell's kitchen
Make the watches work right
Way to go making Publix sell PBR
When are my cigars coming in the mail

Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you, I was the recipient of the best anniversary present ever: cigar of the week club! Now if I can just get in the twelve-pack of the day club, I'll get to hang out with Lindsay Lohan in rehab.


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