I've been busier (although I think the original expression revolves around "happier") than a puppy with two peckers around here lately, and I just want to drop a post here and talk it over.

I have a new second-favorite bowling alley, the Park Tavern in Saint Louis Park, MN. J's and my trip up over the weekend was a great time and we were happy to see everyone so well off. Ron Bumsfeld and his beloved now own a sweet place on Milwaukee Avenue that despite my many transgressions over the course of our friendship, he allowed us to stay in. They also got a couple of new kittens which I'm looking forward to hearing about.

Noel got married and is by now luxuriating in South (not North, you say?) Korea. I offered to take some of his stuff for him at a point when it was too late to expect he'd actually have me do it, so everybody wins, sort of. You know how that goes.

I had a dream about an orphan kid named Christopher Rotten, who snaps his fingers in my kitchen and a black hole forms, which eats the world. Lucid and very enjoyable overall, except the obvious part about the world ending. Maybe I need to stop listening to to astronomycast, but I won't, so if it costs me some weird dreams that's fine.

Found out that this thing called the Baryon Acoustic Peak tells smart science people that there was an enormous explosion at the same time the universe got kicked off 13.7 billion years ago. They see the rippling of some kind of something across millions of galaxies, which in a way, looks like this:

I also heard that there's something revealing about the polarization of the cosmic microwave background radiation, but it was unclear to me what that was. It would be nice if it was something about the shape of the universe, but the cosmic microwave background radiation has done so much for our understanding already I wouldn't be too hurt if it took the rest of the year off.

Yay: Publix started selling PBR.

Boo: Movado may have sent me the wrong gasket.

A guy from my work screwed a girl from my work a couple weeks ago. A few days later his fiancee, who is not the girl he screwed and had been out of town at the time, asked him about a strange charge to his debit card, and thus was he busted. Ouch. Oh, his fiancee worked for the company, too! (If office gossip gets any better than this, I'd like to know how.) Now the formerly engaged pair have left the company and moved back in with their respective parents, but the homewrecker remains employed. In that guy's defense, she was asking for it. She's always asking for it. The thing is, you're just supposed to talk to people about how she's asking for it, not take the complaint directly to her over dinner and drinks. Who knows, maybe he was getting himself out of a life he didn't really want anyway, so he'll get no obnoxious comments from me about it if I ever see him around.

Looks like I'm about out of stuff.


At Wednesday, August 01, 2007, Anonymous hank. said...

what did christopher rotten look like?

At Thursday, August 02, 2007, Anonymous dale said...

he was smiling. that's about all i remember.

At Thursday, August 02, 2007, Anonymous robinkisser said...

I like the name, obviously. Was he wearing a mohawk and big ass boots?

At Sunday, August 05, 2007, Anonymous dale said...

he was just a dirty twelve year old, dirty in the way only unwanted twelve year olds can be. think "you've got to pick a pocket or two"


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