Sometimes there are people on television that I like, like the supernaturally telegenic Pat Sajak, but by and large the reason I don't like it, is because I don't like the people who are on it. (Link to feed: Take a look at the best of Youtube. Now, here are some people who I like.) Another group is the magazine rack people. Why should anyone care what people like this are doing?

Late for a court date?

It's just fluff, non-information that takes the place of information. This filler, if not meant to, effectively keeps helpless, impulsive supermarket shoppers confused and in a consume cycle of pique and ennui. Imagine the urge-driven life of a person who drinks sodas, smokes cigarettes, reads tabloids, and watches television. Does it give you great hope for democracy that these fine citizens vote their conscience? Trains of thought that go on for as much as an hour are important, and this normal feat can't be accomplished under circumstances as distracting as modern life. So again, modern life can easily be cut away like fat off a steak, and seen through, but most people either can't or don't do it, OR, they DO do it, and just don't have anywhere to talk that over. OR, they just don't have anywhere to talk it over that matters or is as accessible as even the most fourth-rate tabloid that I know of. Please show me that I am wrong.

Here is the reigning queen of rack upon rack of filler, icon of person as fluff:

Want to see her go away? All she has to do is wear t-shirts that question the wisdom of the "war effort". I can't explain how it would work, but work it would.


At Thursday, August 16, 2007, Blogger hank. said...

this rules.


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