ho ho ho

'Twas the night before war, and all through the house, not a creature dissented, not even a mouse.

All the men of war were sure as could be; they'd been willing to fight since about 1973.

The press corps stood mute by the press room with care, with hopes that big headlines soon would be there.

The graphic artists worked all through the night, so the splashy graphics would look just right.

The Americans sat in their dimly lit rooms, awaiting the pretty flashing lights and booms.

The troops got prepared for another dumb war, it was no big deal; they'd done it before.

On Blitzer, on Cooper, on O'Reilly, on Matthews! On Geraldo, on Couric, on Greta, on Paula! Happy mass murdering to all, and to all a pocket full of antidepressants and a clean conscience!


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