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One of the more pleasant things about living in this part of Florida is that billboards are illegal. That means I don't have to see what I used to see in Minnesota; literally half of the hundreds of billboards advertised right-wing talk show hosts and country music stars which played on the same stations owned by the same company whose logo rode low on the billboard itself, Clear Channel. Drive a little way from the city and you see billboards like the ones in this link:

Pro-life billboards

My question is, what happens when the guys who pay for these watery, dopey advertisements, stop? Are we going to have a situation where people forget that babies are magic, life is a miracle, and fetuses are hand-made by Jesus, down's syndrome and all?

I think that they must actually consider this is the case, at least on some level. And since it's the level that people have to drive underneath time and time again each day of their impulse-ridden lives, it's the only one that matters.

What an incredible insult to the intelligence of everyone these things are. How preposterous that they continue to sit there.

Or if you think about it this way, what a fine testament to the tolerance of people who can think and continue to put up with people who can not. I take comfort in that.


At Sunday, October 07, 2007, Blogger john said...

while i was down there i didn't even notice that there were not billboards. weird.


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