nothin' but smiles

Today someone drove seventy eight miles to where I work so I could do a job that took me five minutes. It might have taken someone else a little longer to do, but mainly it's just a watch thing that almost no one who didn't know watches would understand. The owner of the watch was told that where I work was a good place, so she jumped in her car and came over.

I got to thinking as I left that right now, people are coming to me because of where I work. Eventually that will switch over, and different people will come to where I work because they've heard I work there. And that made me pretty happy. So here's a picture of a kitten with a dildo over it.

Today, 10/4, has been and continues to be national trucker day. Get a trucker to honk at you with that loud-ass horn of his! Ladies, don't be stingy with the titties: flash a trucker and party down! 10-4, good buddy!


At Saturday, October 06, 2007, Anonymous miss muddy said...

I have a dildo like that.


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