where the underground wound up

It can't have been more than a week ago I was reading about the issue of drug legalization. The gist of the article was that drug legalization has occurred, but that because of the way it happened, through psychiatry and big pharma, legal drugs are available in any desired quantities and varieties to those that have access to them, and the rest of the poor bastards have to resort to meth and dirty illegal drugs to perform the same sorts of functions: relief from anxiety and what have you. I wish I could find it but I can't, so for the time being unless you've read it you'll just have to trust me that it makes sense.

Then I saw the post right under this one, the parodic comic strip about how gayness has been driven underground too, in the sense that it's the very people who are the most obsessed with gayness that are likely to themselves have some homosexuality of their own to hide.

Drugs and gay sex have been driven underground, and because of the structure of our society and the way it sees itself, they've ended up right out in the open as a result. When we surrendered the adult bookstores and the functional boundaries of public sexuality we summoned the irrepressible impulse of gay sex to every suburban doorstep. Drugs that do the same things as the old illegals are now pitched to every magazine reader. It's a weird time to be alive in America.

Ted Haggard's a good public speaker, maybe he'll come out of retirement one day and make it all simple for us.


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