Happy holidays! You know which one I mean, but since I found out I could have a culture war with Bill O'Reilly and the right wing psychos by not mentioning which holidays, I'm not naming names if I can help it, ever again. Hell, I might even be talking about Ramadan or some other budget motel chain.

J and I will run down to Pago Pago for dinner with friends. We didn't make it to no country for old men last night but I have it from three very good sources that when he goes to mexico it turns from a movie you have to see in the theater, to merely rentworthy. We'll be going to see it Monday.

I need a weather widget so I can show you all how great it is here every time you click my page. Right now it's 81 and partly cloudy. I sweated my ass off all summer and now it's payback time. On the condition that I'm the one being paid back, I'm a huge supporter of payback time.

I think I found a widget. Let's see.


At Saturday, November 24, 2007, Blogger Razor Mick said...

Dude, I love the weather thingy.


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