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Here comes christmas. The stockings are hung by the chimneys, boughs of holly bedeck the hallways, and I'm looking for new excuses to get fat since inclimate weather is off the list. It was 81 and sunny today here in Naples. I was roasting in a long sleeve t-shirt.

Think about that, ladies.

Now knock it off before you get busted moaning and people start asking questions. You whore.

Decorating for the big old holiday is going well; we put up a tree today, the pipe cleaner variety has made major strides to legitimacy in my opinion.

Of all my hobbies I think radiation oncology has to be the most illegal.

Anyway, if anyone wants to go fishing we're chartering one of those first-mate manned jobs on the 26th, a week from today.

In other news, I make the world's finest bloody mary. Mentioning that will hopefully serve a dual purpose of explaining the tone of this post. Woman is a mystery, but man is a simple creature with two moods: regular and drunk.

Likewise. we have only the two seasons here. Regular and tourist. The latter is characterized by sluggish traffic on and off the road. Old people abound in their slow, necessary way, in giant cadillacs fuelled by more literal dinosaurs. Sitting stationary behind the season people at a green light it occurs to me vividly I'd like to cut the car out of the equation and douse them with gasoline directly. Imagination eases the pain.


At Monday, November 19, 2007, Anonymous john. said...

I am jealous of your fishing excursion. Prepare to have a very good time.

In other news, I love this post.


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