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This week we're putting jewels in our plates. I, not understanding that it was a bad idea to get a plate ready for jeweling without the jewels, blew it, and now I have to order new, bigger jewels for my third, fourth, and escape wheels. Gah. So I'm waiting for the jewels, and putting a surface finish on the plate and a corresponding one on the balance bridge. I centered that finish on the third-wheel hole just to make it look slightly more interesting, and I think it worked for the most part. There's a nice swirly look to it right around the crown wheel that I think accentuates the positive, which in my watch needs accentuating. We covered end-shake in a lecture the other day but it would be nice to get our stupid pieces back so we can futz with them instead of shaking our heads this way and that.

Other than that, things are good. They serve this awesome six dollar lunch at my school thanks to the culinary program, so I had swordfish steak, an oriental chicken salad, and pecan pie for lunch instead of my usual, lentil soup and cheese biscuits.* Then as I was walking out of the dining room I ran into my classmate, who said he saw some movie that made him not want to eat it any more because it's overfished. So later I got him back in class when I said "Hey Alvin", and then when he looked I said "Made you look! Ha ha haaa!" I think that got him pretty good. If you want people not to eat the endangered species, tell them BEFORE they eat. Damn.

Oh, I heard that one of my stepbrother's friends didn't bother to show to my stepsister's funeral so a friend of the family slept with his girlfriend in a sweet revenge scenario. ^5, dude, you know who you are.

*I wondered if I'd ever written about this since I eat it several times a week, and I have, here. That means I have eaten hundreds of cans of this stuff. I think it's probably the best soup out there for eating every day. The minestrone isn't bad, but even it has to bow down to progresso lentil. Biatch.

read the label. now with more lentils. recanize.


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